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Full Version: New Forum Suggestion
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Being that people are making use of the variety of forums I would like to suggest that a Handicapping forum be established so there would be a designated area where members could discuss the liklihoods of sporting outcomes more intently.

Just throwing it out there. I know that I would post there fairly regularly, especially once football season gets going.
Probably easier just to include it on the main Eagles board (bound to be a predictions topic each week). If we start having too many different forums some of them won't see much action.
I'd agree to what Aquila says here.

The segregated forums already are the cause of some confusion for many. And it seems to me that prediciton threads would be 'On Topic' anyways.
Cool thanks
TO's Sharpie
Hey J Cuz do you post on a handicapping board regularly?

I post on one and will definetly make it a point to talk about my plays once the season rolls around.

You bet on baseball?
football, horses.
I agree w/ JC here -- I think a handicapping forum would see plenty of action.

And c'mon, if I agree w/ JC that's gotta count for something!!


just combine the handicapping with the articles and features forum that gets used about once a month.
Features board should be busier during the season with links to game reports etc. But if you want to have a couple of topics on there about handicapping then I don't have a problem with it.
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