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Full Version: Fake walk through?
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D Rock
Fucking Brilliant
QUOTE (D Rock @ Feb 9 2018, 12:16 AM) *

Loading up the DLine as a strategy... bringing in players with chips on their shoulders, RPOs, Philly special... fake walkthroughs... another innovation brought by Pederson's staff!

All stuff that will be copied.

I trolled the Cowboy's site... they think all they need to do is to teach Dak how to do RPOs and they'll win the superbowl.

Dallas fans are great, the most delusional sports "fans." Whoever put up that video of David Carr and that was great. I'd have my head in the sand too, if I were them.

Dreagon excepted, of course.
QUOTE (D Rock @ Feb 9 2018, 12:16 AM) *

That was great.

Fuck that cheating organization.
The Franchise
Doug Pederson waltzed into Philly and won a ring in his 2nd year.

Doug Pederson threw off any potential bullshit from a team known to cheat their way to several titles.

Be like Doug.
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