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Full Version: Where does yesterday rank
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I'd probably put it somewhere in the top 5. Maybe in the 3-4 range.

1. Jerome Brown death

2. Tampa Bay loss in NFCCG in 2002

3. 1980 SB

4. Cunningham injury 1991

5. Yesterday?

Honorable mention goes to the 2004 SB and maybe 2003 NFCCG against Carolina. Depending on how Wentz recovers and how far it goes into 2018, you could put this in the top 3, imo, especially with how promising Wentz has looked.
While the news is devastating, the rank will depend on how well the team is able to rally the rest of the way. An early exit from the playoffs and we will rank this as tragic, by way of how we felt the team's chances were before the injury. In fact, I think we will feel this way even if we lose in the superbowl.
Terrell Owens horse collar injury ranks higher on the list than Wentz. Owens was considered to be the missing ingredient to put us over the top and help take us to the SB. His absence suggested a potential repeat of the previous three seasons. A postseason loss would have been devastating to the franchise and the fan base. At least with Wentz, there is hope for a bright future even if we suffer a playoff loss (with or without him).
Paulp taking out Cunningham is a shot to the gut I will never forget.
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