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Full Version: Early line
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So far the line is NYG -7, some have it as much as NYG -8.5. I expect that once the Westbrook news settles in, it'll go to -10 or worse.

It's going to be hard not to bet against them at this point, I don't see them coming within 10 points of the Giants unless Eli has a total breakdown and gives us 3 defensive TD's.

How are we gonna score on offense? With whom? For what? Who throwing or handing the ball to whom and then doing WHAT with it? Nobody, that's whom.
Trotter's Chop Shop
Just play the under, our defense is still playing with some pride. And we know we won't score more than 7 at best.

Depends on how attached you are to last place on Wagerline. I took Seattle -4 as soon as I saw it.

Hey, the players quit on me so fair's fair dry.gif
Better get it quickly . . . it's at NYG -9 already, and going up -- I gaurantee it'll be at LEAST 10 by gametime, if not 10.5. Seriously, bet the friggin' rent $$$, the grocery $$$, and the kids' college fund on this one.

I'm not sure I can go w/ you on the under, TCS . . . given that the offense can't stay on the field. It's set at 37 . . . maybe we get lucky and score a TD off a Manning brain fart. So that's 7 for us. You think the D can hold NYG to less than 30 points with a 40:00 - 20:00 TOP disparity? I don't.

You just know that the NYG coaching staff -- to a MAN -- are looking at this game as THE TICKET to restore young Manning's confidence. And I think they probably will succeed in that goal.
Hey MD,

Stop while you're ahead. Get some nicorette, a few cases of Guinness and worry about catching Eyrie in Wagerline. Otherwise, the betting gods will come looking for a return on their investment!! You know it!!
Hmmm, unlikely -- not in my nature. Although I'm certainly going to be far less aggressive from here on out. No more 4-way parlays, for sure. I haven't really started looking at this weeks' games, but . . . I'm thinkin' this one is a lock. I'd take it up to 10, probably back off at 10.5.
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