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Full Version: Who are your top five Eagles offensive weapons?
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I was thinking about our unselfish offense and all of the options that we have at our disposal, and was thinking what are the top offensive weapons we have?

You figure, you need five OL plus Wentz, that leaves five combinations of RB,WR, TE that you can put on the field every play.

Since playing your best five is your best option, who are they?

Here are mine in descending order:

1. Ertz
2. Jeffrey
3. Ajayi
4. Clement
5. Agholar
6. Blount
7. Burton
8. Hollins
9. Smith
10. Barner
11. Celek
12. Johnson
Note I have Smallwood being deactivated and unavailable.

This presents an interesting view.

I have 2 of my top 5 and 3 of my top 6 being RB.

This screams for two back sets.

My optimal set is:
WR Jeffrey
WR Agholar
TE Ertz
RB Ajayi
RB Clement

Either Ajayi or Clement can go out on pass patterns to occupy the LBs.

Agholar has the speed to clear out the zone and is a deep threat.

Ertz would be very effective with Agholar going deep and the one RB in the flat

Jeffrey a beast on the medium routes

OR you can just say fuck it, and smash mouth run it behind the best OL and pick either of the two to carry the load. By putting a RB in motion, you essentially take a S or LB out of the tackling department.

This would be a nightmare for the D to stop.

You could sprinkle in Hollins or Smith for Agholar, Blount at RB, Burton or Celek at TE, but this base offense would be deadly.

However, no way I show ANY of this until playoff time, unless we need it to win a game that could cost us the top seed.

I know someone here a while ago was saying about two RB sets. While I liked it a little bit back then, seeing. Clement and Ajayi, I'm loving it.

Who are your top five and ideal set?
The Franchise
I've been screaming for 2-back sets all year, to mix it up with Blount.


That's my ideal setup. Agholor then Clement after that.
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