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Full Version: Kelce gets nice review
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Kelce possesses several ‘elite’ traits that are readily apparent on film; athleticism, play speed, mental processing, and hand usage (placement, timing, independent). Each of these lend themselves to Kelce being the premier ‘space blocker’ that the center position has to offer, often executing extremely difficult blocks pulling and leading to the 2nd level. Kelce uses precise angles paired with incredible acceleration and speed to fit on linebackers and even safeties at the point of attack with unparalleled consistency.

Additionally, this season his processing in pass-protection has resulted in consistent clearing of the interior of the pocket to provide Wentz with huge throwing windows, and several late blitz pickups with outstanding play recognition to see past his man and identify late-loopers.
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That guy obviously knows the subtleties of O Line play that average fans would not recognize. We more easily see Kelce get pushed back into CW's lap; although we have not seen much of that this year.

He did not mention Kelce's role setting O Line protection. That must be a valuable asset for a young QB.

It is nice to see Kelce get the recognition.

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