Frankly, I was not too keen on sliding LJ to RT, not in the middle of a season having had no reps as an LT at all in practice or TC. Big V actually played well at LT on Sunday and I think they can make it work with some help from TEs and RBs if they face a pass rusher that V can't quite handle solo. Gotta find the next bookend to pair with LJ in the off season, even if JP can come back next year it would probably be best to slide him to LG. As far as protecting our franchise QB, one thing that is clear is that Wentz knows how to adapt to situations and knowing JP is not protecting his blindside will be something he needs to take into account.

Having Bradham take over as the D's signal caller sounds good to me, the dude is playing at a high level with a chip on his shoulder. He looks like he has a complete grasp of the D and is well suited to setting the front seven. Jenkins will handle setting up the secondary. As good as Hicks was, it has been Jenkins and Bradham that have made the most plays anyway, so I think the D can still be dominant even without Hicks.