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Full Version: The D...we all know the line is beasting
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Hicks is already showing signs of greatness when not injured, but Bradham and Kendricks have truly elevated their games. In their second year with Schwartz they know the D so well that they don't think, they know where everyone is supposed to be and now they are making big plays. Those two combined for 27 tackles Thursday, a lot of them big time stops. Our safety play has gotten better too, also with guys in their second year under Schwartz. I think they are getting better each week and Monday will be a great test. The skins run game has been a key in their wins and I am betting they plan to shut it down, and without Norman in the backfield I think Wentz could pad his stats a bit. As with every division game I expect plenty of angst, but I think they pull it off with a dominant defensive performance.

With a win in prime time under their belt, they need to prove it was not a fluke and another one right after the last is a perfect opportunity to do it.
I love the way these three have been playing. All three were all over the field on Thursday, and the nice thing is that we hardly noticed any drop off when Hicks went out. This is becoming a true team, where the players know each others others tendencies and the system. Like you said, they're not thinking anymore.
It was interesting to hear outsiders say just how physical they were. When you're completely invested in a game, sometimes one overlooks, or underappreciates, these things where the focus is strictly on the result of the play. So having another look emotionally clear headed really served to highlight just how beastly they were.
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