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Full Version: I'm liking that Pedey is giving more to Wentz
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By that I mean that Doug stated this week that he is sending in the formation, one that could go run or pass, and allowing Wentz to read the D and choose the play that best fits what they are giving him. What looks like him checking into a different play is just Wentz calling the final choice once he has read the D. This is a huge step for a second year QB, and that really does speak volumes about his football IQ. I can see him becoming the kind of QB Peyton was, basically running the O from the line of scrimmage, but with an added level of mobility that will make him that much more dangerous. The more I look at how Wentz is developing, the more impressed I get, this kid is something special.
Wentz is much more athletic than I had expected for a guy his size. He often has guys grabbing air right when you think he's tackled. His natural abilities combined with his amazing recall and work ethic are perfect ingredients for success. The other players both respect him and like him, perfect leadership qualities. He needs to improve his accuracy some, but his ability to throw across his body while on the run is amazing. On top of it all, he has humility.

I don't blame the Browns personnel guys for continuing to deny what they did, but the rest of the world is beginning to see that they let an amazing talent go to another team. We also need to recognize Roseman and Lurie for pulling all the plugs to get the deal done.
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