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Full Version: Embiid 5 yrs $148M
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The NBA is whacked.

I hope it works.

Big man, big man foot injuries.

The NBA not allowing much wiggle room.
No real alternative. They’ve come this far.
Trust the Process!!

I hope they're insured...
I agree, they had to do it.

I hear that it is a very complex contract with various incentives and bit of an escape hatch.

He may end up being a guy on minutes restrictions during the entire regular season and then you roll the dice with his enormous talent and fragile body in the playoffs.

With the improvements in sports science and related semi-natural medicine approaches there is hope they can find the weaknesses in his biochemistry and compensate or fix much of it.

That was my experience. My life was messed up for 15+ years with chronic lead and cadmium poisoning that my 6 doctors never even mentioned as a possibility. Thankfully I picked up a tip from a semi-natural Functional Med doctor who himself had been semi-disabled by a long list of symptoms while still a fairly young doctor. He went to ten other doctors before someone recognized the heavy metal component to his problems. Almost all of my symptoms were greatly improved or resolved including low bone density that caused a broken bone, low kidney numbers, food and chemical sensitivities, fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, arthritis, etc. Some of those such as memory and arthritis are today just well managed with supplements such as glucosamine sulfate, etc.

Btw lead detox is fairly easy although it can take a few years for it to gradually come out of bone. I highly recommend A Cutler's rather inexpensive, conservative, oral method using low dose DMSA, an FDA approved medication even for kids. Doctors seem to like the more lucrative, expensive EDTA IV treatments : (

QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Oct 10 2017, 08:03 AM) *
No real alternative. They’ve come this far.

I hear they are looking for an accountant ( YA No numbers guy) .
Just sayin' .
QUOTE (bwc2112 @ Oct 10 2017, 04:21 PM) *
I hear they are looking for an accountant ( YA No numbers guy) .
Just sayin' .

Sign me up!

A measly 1% fee. He can't refuse!
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