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Full Version: To anyone who watched the Dallas game
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The one play, WR for DAL, Beasley, seemed to have the first down with the ball in his right arm, but then he voluntarily moves in to his left arm, is tackled and the correction is made that he is short of the first down.

Fast forward a couple plays later, Elliott looks like he is stopped short of the first down on that 4th down, but then replay shows that he stuck the ball out, then voluntarily pulls it back in and the play is then blown dead with the ball in his chest almost a yard shorter than where he stretched it to pre whistle. They give him the first on a remeasure. Why, when he voluntarily pulls it back in, is it treated differently then when the WR did it? In both cases, the play was not blown dead until after the ball was voluntarily pulled back in or switched to the further arm?

In conclusion, fuck the Cowboys!

( sorry D)
The difference is when contact is made.
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