Pretty interesting thoughts on the potential of Jones playing CB this season. Going into the season, CB was the biggest weakness and that seems to have been the place teams are attacking the Eagles defense most often and most successfully. Even the late game, gut wrenching runs by both the Chiefs and the Chargers are partly due to poor tackling by the secondary. Will he be practicing week 7? Playing week 10? Jones/Darby/Jenkins/McLeod?
Jones sent out a tweet on Monday that caught the attention of Eagles' fans. The tweet?
— Sidney Jones IV (@SidneyJonesIV) October 2, 2017

Since Jones sent the tweet out, it has been favorited over 600 times, retweeted over 150 times and has over 50 replies -- almost all of which are from Eagles' fans asking if the tweet is related to his timeline.

The "7!!!" could mean anything, but Jones -- who is a very smart guy -- had to of known the reaction it would get. He also has liked multiple tweets since he sent out that one, meaning he has been on Twitter, and it would be almost impossible to ignore the reaction the tweet caused.
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