Pedey comes out and pretty much says we need to be patient.

We have Reich coming out stronger the next day saying we should wait four or five games.

Neither of them say the experienced coaching mantra of we'll check the tape and discuss it as a group and get back to you by the end of the week and then say that they do that for EVERY position, every game.

Why would they both seem so committed to Isaac early on and then have a change. Surely both saw all of the game tape by the time they met the press on Monday or Wednesday.

Because someone else made the decision.

Someone with an A type personality, with conviction.

OL coach Jeff Stoutland made the call for his boy Chance. Think about it, if there had to be a replacement, who else would opine for a deactivated guy over Wiz, a proven solid backup and starter last year? It was Stout. Bet the house.

The other choices, Howie and Jeffery, would be more alarming than Stout.

Warmack better go against every bit of NFL game tape he's put out so far and do something different; play well.

On an unrelated topic, is there any better nickname for a fat DL than Snacks?