Rasul Douglas did a pretty decent job for his first real NFL action. Assuming Jones is healthy next year, that will give the Eagles Jones, Darby, Douglas and Mills as their CBs. Hate on Mills all you want, but he's doing a pretty good job, especially if he drops to #4 on the depth chart. This has the potential to be a very strong unit, and playing behind a DL like this could make them devastating to opposing passing games.

Now they need to replicate that with RB. Sproles isn't going to last forever and says this is his last year. He should be a complementary back, not a lead back. I have no idea what's up with Smallwood but every time he gets the ball he runs into a wall of defenders ... of course he hasn't gotten it very often which tells me he's not up to speed with pass protection. Blount seems slow but even if he's not, he should be like Sproles on the other end of the spectrum. They need a stud RB.