I'm not a fan of the "love 'em up" coaching philosophy, but showing respect for players like this could be a reason why they seem to support their coach. I wonder how many players have the coaches ear like this.
"Sometimes I'll run over there and say, 'I'm thinking this,' and he's usually pretty cool with that," Wentz said. "That relationship we have has been nothing but positive, and I think it's just going to keep growing."

Pederson said Wentz's role in the design of the offense and play selection has evolved since he was a rookie last year.

"Yeah, over time, and being around him for this past year and during training camp," Pederson said. "He brings ideas to us. He's studying the tape just like we are, offensively. And so he'll bring an idea or two that he likes or we talk about personnel matchups, things of that nature.
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