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Full Version: Nice Wentz interview
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... eight days before the season it’s like, "Hey, you're up, let's go." I loved it. I wouldn't trade that for the world. I wouldn't have changed a thing. You're trying to learn. You're still trying to master your own offense to some extent, and having a new coaching staff there's different looks. The biggest thing for us last year is what's our protection plan each week. When a coaching staff is for the first time together, they're kind of learning how they want to do it together, as well. Between the coaches, me, [center Jason] Kelce and the other quarterbacks, it was definitely a process that we were all in together. That's where you spend the most time. At least for me. Just blitz studies. You never want to be hot, you always want to be protected. So that was the big thing. Not just learning your own offensive schemes, but the calls you wanted to make and how you wanted to go about protecting different looks. You have to go watch the blitz tape like crazy. I do think I can breathe a little bit more this year. Plus, I know what to expect.
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Thanks for the link. It was nice of him to spend some time with the dying boy.

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