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Full Version: Fianl season predictions
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Any moves will be at the bottom of the roster, so let's have your predictions.

I'm saying 7-9. We're in a competitive division and the other games aren't exactly walkovers either. We have an unbalanced roster and a lack of quality at CB in a pass happy league.

So no playoffs for us.
We should be a little better (at least) than last year on offense. Defense? We'll wait and see.

I don't think Dallas is nearly as good this year as last year. The Redskins are the Redskins, they'll be a PITA to us but not overall. I don't know what to make of the Giants. A tough schedule otherwise will keep us from making the playoffs...
The Franchise
10-6, get in as a wild card and lose in the first round.

We should be able to put up a lot of points against almost all of our opponents, and I think we win at least 3 division games. The NFL powerhouses have changed too. I think we even have a good chance at the division, but I'm at least confident in us getting a wild card.

However, and I know I'm a broken record with this, once we get into January our fate against elite teams will come down to play calling and clock management, and we've been at a distinct disadvantage in that regard since I was in high school. I've seen nothing last year from Doug that tells me anything has changed. Prove me wrong Dougie.

I'm hoping for 9 or more wins. I think they'd be a 10 W and playoff team in most years but their schedule is too difficult.

I expect Dallas to take a step back but still be a playoff caliber team. NYG will be solid playoff contenders like the Eagles. The Skins will not be a below average team although their record will likely suffer somewhat from the tough schedule like the rest of the NFC East.

I feel bad for the Eagles. They are built to win this year and may have to rebuild much of their offense and D Line next year. However if they sneak into the playoffs, they could surprise some people.

Wentz gets more comfortable and you guys go 9-7. I think you guys are still a year away from playoffs, but that is mainly because the wild card race will be crowded, and I honestly don't think the NFC East will send a wild card team to the playoffs. The Redskins may get a little better, but they're still a dumpster fire who will find a way to implode. Dallas won't have as good a record as last year due to too many distractions and a defensive backfield that has been drastically retooled. The Giants are as flakey as ever, but Eli is about due to have another one of his hot years. So I predict NFC East is a tossup between Dallas and NY this year, with you guys gaining ground.
I'm thinking 9-7 too, mostly due to what many are calling the toughest schedule in the league tied to a team that is just getting to know one another. Add in a coach with question marks, depth availability on the OL and a running game that is an unknown.

What will make me believe we could do better and win the division is if DP is a solid HC, the OL and Smallwood stays healthy and he is a significant contributor to a resurrected 3-headed monster and if the defense evolves into a top 5 unit.
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