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Full Version: Final Guess At 53 and PS
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QB (2) - Wentz, Foles
RB (4) - Smallwood, Sproles, Blount, Clement
WR (5) - Jefferey, Smith, Agholar, Hollins, Johnson
TE (4) - Ertz, Burton, Celek, Brown
OL (9) - Peters, Seamalu, Kelce, Brooks, Johnson, Wiz, Vitai, Gordon, Thomas
DL (10) - Barnett, Curry, Graham, Long, Means, cox, Jernigan, Allen, Vaieo, Qualls
LB (6) - Hicks, Bradham, Kendricks, Goode, Walker, Grugier-Hill
CB (5) - Darby, Mills, Robinson, Douglas, McDougle
S (5) - Jenkins, McLeod, Graham, Maragos, Watkins
ST (3) - Sturgis, Jones, Lovato

Last Three In:

Last Three Cuts:
DE McAllister
DT Hamilton
LB Gerry

Practice Squad
CB Smith
WR Ward
DE McAllister
DT Hamilton
LB Gerry
RB Marshall
WR Gibson
C Orlosky
QB Evans
OG Greene
Practice Squad Reserve
CB Grymes
P Johnson

Yes, I have Pumphrey being cut out right and no PS spot. The last part is unlikely, maybe, but no writer has ever said he made a play in practice and I saw every one of his snaps in the preseason and he made none. If they watch his pro game film, nobody wants him.

There could be bogus injuries, that's why I listed the next three up and the PS reserve.

Our roster is not as good as we think. Other teams will have to cut better players than we have. As I said elsewhere, we will have six or more guys on the final 53 and PS that are not listed here.

As Meatloaf says, 50 out of 53 ain't bad.

I had:

They kept:

They kept one more RB and one more WR, I kept one more TE and one more OL.

Our PS should have a few OL on there.

Listening to Howie's presser, he basically said that they spent a lot of time recruiting and evaluating the film of the draft picks and that he still believes in their upside.

I have a feeling that the keeping of McDougle and Warmack were contingent on them accepting one year extensions to team friendly contracts. I guess we'll wait for the details to see if Howie gave these bottom of the roster guys any unnecessary guaranteed money. He has jumped the gun before.

The good news is that there are a bunch of guys just released that are better than Pumphrey and Gibson. The bad news is if Howie's ego won't allow him to watch NFL preseason game film or his practice tapes on his own guys, then he'll keep believing that Pump and Gibson are NFL players. The good news is neither of those two will be active on game day to fuck up a real game. The good news is Howie likes to trade, so maybe we'll get some better replacements to make this a moot point.

Stay tuned, trader Howie is on the clock.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Sep 2 2017, 05:12 PM) *
Stay tuned, trader Howie is on the clock.

This and there'll be released players who may be useful.
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