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Full Version: Name 5 most worrisome players and 5 you have confidence in
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Which five players on this team are you most worried about?

Which five are you most confident in?

My most worried list:

1. Kelce - he just can't hold the point of attack, which is especially concerning since Blount is a straight ahead runner

2. Blount - dude looks cooked. See Z Kelce comment

3. Agholar - little man needs to fill big shoes

4. 4th CB - Douglas and Smith struggling, Grymes not seen as good enough to supplant them on the depth chart, Robindon should be cut.

5. Curry - has he even made a play in preseason. A Z Howie special of bidding against ourselves. I hope the hug was worth it

HM - Jeffrey and his bubble wrap needs, Warmack just ain't good

Most confident

1. Hicks - a star

2. Wentz - looks real sharp and comfy in a uncomfortable pocket

3. Cox - with TJ, he should have a great year

4. Jenkins - high caliber output, versatile

5. Barnett - we got a good one. Love his effort

HM - Graham and his motor, McLeod is steady.

Forget about 5, I'll just say it... I'm worried about the O-Line

Wentz is surviving on his mobility thanks to a porous O-Line. As impressed I as I am watching Wentz shred off a tackle 1 second after hiking the ball... I'm left wondering why the fuck does Wentz have to shake off a damn tackle every time he hikes the football.

Wentz hasn't been given reliable WRs (they suck and haven't proven a damn thing; his best WR from last season isn't even on the team anymore and Alshon is always injured), a consistent run game (they suck and haven't been shit since Shady and his best RB from last year just got released), or even an O-Line that survives more than 2 weeks before being switched (they suck and they're always injured, one is down already). I had to watch McNabb suffer for years and I'm going to lose it if we let another talented QB fail because we refuse to help him.
Reality Fan
I have a few things that bother me.

The Oline, worried about their poor performance.
TEs, Still not sold on Ertz under bright lights. Too many years of "this is the year"
Pumphrey, looks like a hot mess and a wasted pick. He really has shown nothing.

I do have one issue that has gotten overblown and that is the "injury history of Jeffery. In the last 4 seasons he has missed 7 games to injury and that was a torn hammy, something that also happened to Andre Reed. It happens, it is not something easily prevented much like a torn ACL. Beyond that he has missed no other games to injury since his rookie year. He missed 4 games to a suspension last year, not injury.

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