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Full Version: Why I Have Contempt for Most Lawyers
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"I'm more convinced than ever that the Eagles should have cut TO this summer (and I'm another TO fluffer who called for the Eagles to cut him this summer). That they didn't in light of the behavior he engaged in (which they copiously documented like good fascists do) and vowed to further engage in just tells me they were more interested in destroying TO than in winning football games this season."

This is the funniest thing I've read for a long time. Had the Eagles cut TO last summer, RSE would have been the first to accuse them of giving up on the season. Now he's labeling them as "good fascists" for doing exactly what he'd advise them to do had they been his clients. He knows that the only reason they kept TO was the hope that they could work things out once TO realized he couldn't get his way, and that it was in his interest to have a big season and quietly reach an agreement to be let go after the season.

Any lawyer who's half-way competent would have noted that TO did not start trouble until after Rosenhaus delivered Plaxico Burress to the NY Giants, taking the last viable alternative off the table. Two weeks later, Rosenhaus is hired and makes his demand on the Eagles for a new contract - now one can quibble whether this was pre-arranged while Rosenhaus was representing Plaxico (who took a lower contract than he might have received if Rosenhaus knew TO would try to force his release - conflict of interest?). What is obvious was the FO had few options at that point:

1) capitulate to TO's demands, which were not to guarantee the third season, that was never suggested, Rosenhaus suggested guaranteeing the ENTIRE CONTRACT, TO asked to be paid like one of the top PLAYERS in football (i.e. like McNabb). What team in their right mind would give TO $20M or so in guaranteed money?

2) cut TO at that point with no viable option (Andre Davis, Peerless Price or McCants). If the FO was truly interested in a Superbowl, why would they choose this option just to save a few million?

3) be patient, don't take offense, hope that eventually by standing firm and not overreacting TO would realize it was in his best interest to quietly negotiate a release after the season and work his butt off to have a big year and get the team back to the Superbowl.

Which choice would you make?

I found out about this post by scanning the TOB. Otherwise, I might not have found it for a day or two. But it seems like moe posters read your posts on TOB than read any poster who posts on TOB. A lot of our traffic must come from TOB posters. There is obviously not enough variety on their board to keep them interested. After reading the same 20 posters posts under different handles for over a deacade, I can't blame them for going to other boards to read other opinions.

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