Tough loss to the Lakers last night.

They've shown flashes in their 2-5 Sumer league.

Not having Fultz has hurt a little.

A few gems.

Bolden could help this team THIS year if they care about a playoff run this year. He does a lot of things well. And stretch four is a PON on this team.

Korkmaz is a good enough player to be on the deep bench. Nice shot. Too thin. He should be the 16-17 shared contract guys and play plenty on the 87ers.

TLC was just meh. Nothing special.

Poythruss (sp) looks like a legit deep bench player on this team.

The early returns on the draft day trade show that the Celtics at the very least have held their own.

A neat little pre training camp exercise:

There are 48 game minutes for each of 5 positions. Using your predicted Sixers roster, allocate those minutes in half quarter increments. Dole the minutes out among 36, 30, 24, 18, 12 and 6 minute players on this team, with a few DNP's.

It's a tough assignment, but a promising one as it shows how far we've come. There will be a lot of players who are accustomed to playing a lot who will have limited minutes. I will give a shot later on if any Sixers interest heats up. Given D Rocks absence, the Sixers talk is non existent.

Will be fun to watch.