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To illustrate, consider the following groups of players:

Group A

1. Anthony Davis
2. Blake Griffin
3. Kyrie Irving
4. Karl-Anthony Towns
5. John Wall
6. Andrew Wiggins
7. Ben Simmons
8. Anthony Bennett

Group B

1. Jabari Parker
2. Victor Oladipo
3. D’Angelo Russell
4. Evan Turner
5. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
6. Derrick Williams
7. Brandon Ingram
8. Hasheem Thabeet

Group C

1. James Harden
2. Bradley Beal
3. Joel Embiid
4. Otto Porter
5. Jahlil Okafor
6. Derrick Favors
7. Enes Kanter
8. Jaylen Brown

Say you are the coach of a basketball team, and somebody gives you two options to add to your roster: 1) Get one of the eight players in Group A randomly assigned to your team, or 2) Get two of the 16 players from Groups B and C randomly assigned to your team.

That’s the essence of the choice Colangelo faced. The maximum price the Sixers will end up paying is a No. 3 overall pick and a No. 2 overall pick. Group B features the last eight players selected at No. 2 overall, Group C the last eight at No. 3.