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Full Version: Personal to JCuz
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
dude ,

you've gone over the line. so do the right thing, and get back behind it.

this is not the place to hurl personal insults just for the heck of it, at anybody. Take your bad assed bull shit and shove it somewhere else, it doesn't go well with the intent and nature of this place.

Having a point of view, or being passionate about it, is one thing. But going personal with it makes YOU look the pussy. Do you get it? I ain't got NO TIME for no schoolyard bully. And that's what you are now starting to make yourself look to be. People who talk the big smack usually have a mouth as big as their asshole, and nothing to back it up with. Is that your league? Or are you better than that. I think you're better than that. And I hope you prove it, and soon.

The time is now right for you to chill and enjoy. Make your peace with people. It's the high road. And it's there for you and everybody to use. And makes for a better trip anyway.

Peace bro ... hope you are man enough to be able to wear this shoe cause I do think it fits.

And if this direct suggestion makes your blood boil right now, try taking a time out. It's amazing how that can pull things back into perspective and keep it all reasonable between who we are ... eagles fans. United in that. And differing in our opinions about how things should be run.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
hahahahaha ....

I just discovered that JCuz has found a home at TOB and is being welcomed with loud multiple cries of wangnutz suck and derisive mistatements of fact ad nauseum.

That's ok,... JCuz and Igglephags might be good for each other, a marriage made in heaven so to speak. Almost 2 years and still the animosity is more venemous than ever as stated on TOB...

Igglephags sucks people, they really really do ...


how childish is all this stuff .. wonder why I too can't leave it alone .. but at least I'm justifying this by saying I am only commenting on what went down over there as the latest example since last night.

If only we can maybe get through one week of a time out without the personal bullshit ... but somehow I doubt it ... guys like Papa Igglephag IG and his child bitch Diggle just want to keep the thing going .. so be it ...

Igglephags sucks and so too does Wangnutz suck. Maybe now both sides can put it to rest and just move on and live and let live ....

They have real emotional problems over there. IRISH GEORGE knows more about what is posted here than 90% of the normal posters here. It must be nice to not have to work for a living so you can micro-monitor a board you claim to hate. He's not the only one from over there that can't seem to get enough of this board.

I admit reading this board as well as other boards scanning for news that out of towners might not get. But this guy is strictly looking for gossup material like a girl would. If it wasn't for us, they would have half as many threads on their board. We're quite happy without them. But they can't seem to get enough of us.
JCuz has made it clear in his posts here that he regards insulting fellow Eagles fans as fun, whether they agree or not. It would appear he's followed his logic and joined the only Eagles board which is devoted to doing just that.
Hey JC -- hope you enjoy your new home. Watch your back, those boys play rough. Won't be long before you'll find yourself on the outside lookin' in. You watch.

Just insult one of the inner circle once or twice like you've insulted almost everyone here . . . then let me know how that works out for ya, OK?

By the way, I'm changing my sig back to Grammar NAZI in your honor.

Love as always,

"There was nothing I hated more than to see a filthy old drunkie, a-howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as if it were a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts. I could never stand to see anyone like that, especially when they were old like this one was."

user posted image

The gloves are off Nazi... ain't they ain't coming back on.

I wasn't aware that you owned a pair of gloves. rolleyes.gif

As for the "nazi" thing -- that was always a self-depricating joke, until one day you came unglued and maintained that you found it offensive and some sort of proof that I was a racist. blink.gif

Now that it seems you've chosen not to hang out here, I figured I could change it back. cool.gif
J_Cuz, get back on the other board where you belong. You fit in with that crowd well. Have a good life!
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