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Full Version: Why Not?
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Provided that he is there and Howard and Barnett are gone,

Why not H. Reddick?

Because they have a huge hole at one CB spot and the 2nd weakest spot on the team is probably the other outside CB spot. You can argue that if you draft a difference-maker at DE, he will help the CBs, but they don't need the LB.

They seem to want to win this year and so they will pick someone who can help them to do that. Unfortunately their plan is sinking because one 1st round CB had a devastating injury and another had a devastating mental lapse. : (

QUOTE (nephillymike @ Apr 26 2017, 09:41 PM) *
Provided that he is there and Howard and Barnett are gone,

Why not H. Reddick?

If Lattimore is gone, what CB do you pick?

Humphrey can't play man/press coverage. We've already experienced scheme failures with Maxwell

IMO, there isn't another CB worthy of #14.

Conley would have been that guy.
LB isn't a major weakness and we already have two good players there in Hicks and Bradham, with Kendricks for depth. Remember that we only use two LBs a lot of the time, so a first round pick here would be a waste.

We have more pressing concerns on defence anyway. Lattimore will be long gone, so with Conley dropping like a stone it would be Barnett at #14 or a trade back to around #20 for a CB (Humphrey, Jackson, King) if we want to go defence.

If not, then I'd look at WR (Williams or Davis, since Ross has injury issues) or Howard.
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