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Full Version: In true Philadelphia Fashion, what selections will cause
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I think a trade down will do it.

Drafting Howard probably will.

Maybe Ross.

An OL like Lamp, Ramczyk would cause a boo cascade.

Probably a DT would be met with Philly love (that ain't love brother)

Any DE not named Garrett, Solomon or Barnett would probably do the trick (Charlton, Harris)

I think the popular picks will be McCaffrey, Foster, Williams, Davis, and Cook. Other than these, I think we're in boo city.

Come to think of it, the odds of us causing a booing spectacle are pretty damn high. They will queue the tape of booing McNabb at the draft, maybe even dust off the snowballs at Santa stories.

I heard that they were trying to get the Philly Phaithful to serenade the Browns pick with:


That I would like.

Of course, the obligatory Dallas Sucks chant is a staple of such occasions, maybe even an Eli is a Crook chant?

I'm sure we'll do the city proud!! And really, I have no problem with it. Fuck Em!

My youngest is going down there with a few of his college buddies. I told him to have him and his buddies do the Wentz chant for CLE and to make sure the E-A-G-L-E-S chants are loud and often.

Should be fun.
I don't think Ross or Howard will be a problem.
I agree, trading down could get boos even though I'd be okay with that if they are okay with risking the loss of Conley

QUOTE (Zero @ Apr 25 2017, 04:49 AM) *
I don't think Ross or Howard will be a problem.

If the NFL is stupid enough to play the McNabb tape then that deserves the loudest boos.
The Franchise
There won't be any boos unless we get to #14 and Howie trades it for a couple later picks or some shit.

Booing McNabb was more or less booing the fact that we didn't take Ricky Williams, not that any of the assholes at ESPN would ever focus on that. However, 10 years ago (has it really been that long?) the organization received a well-deserved booing of using our first pick on Kevin Kolb.

I'll never forget throwing my arms in the air as I saw this on tv:

So we make it to the divisional round and play a very tough Saints team on the road to the end, with a backup QB. Part of this success is because said QB had an actual deep threat in Donte Stallworth. We're considered legit contenders going into '07. We let Garcia and Stallworth go, ok fine. We have #5. We get Curtis, ok fine. So what do we do? Draft a WR to potentially help Curtis? Beef up the defense, or the O-line?

No. We draft another backup QB. blink.gif
Is there a first-round talent punter or kicker?

If not then I'm only booing if it's a punter or kicker. Because I know fuckall otherwise.

Although if Nelson Agholar was back in the draft I'd take him again.
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