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Just putting the finishing touches on my draft compilation. I looked at nine mocks of popular analysts that are on sites and for any of the prospects that are available on any of the nine mocks, in a position of need, loosely defined, here are the prospects ranked in order of their rank in my compilation, the # of times they are available at #14 in any of the nine mocks. Using this list, I ask you guys to make your short board of ten of these guys that you would want/be OK with for the Eagles pick at #14:

2. J. Adams (S) avail in 1 of the 9 mocks
8. Howard (TE) 1 of 9
9. Cook (RB) 9 of 9 !
10. Barnett (DE) 3 of 9
11. M. Williams (WR) 4 of 9
12. Foster (ILB) 4 of 9
13. Njoku (TE) 9 of 9
14. C. Davis (WR) 5 of 9
15. McCaffrey (RB) 6 of 9
16. Ross (WR) 8 of 9
18. Charlton (DE) 7 of 9
20. Humphrey (CB) 8 of 9
21. Conley (CB) 5 of 9
24. McDowell (DT) 9 of 9
26. Harris (DE) 9 of 9
29. Reddick (OLB) 7 of 9
30. A. Jackson (CB) 9 of 9
33. K. King (CB) 9 of 9

So these 18 prospects, in some loosely defined positions of need, represent the likely prospects that will be there for the Eagles in the likely versions of how the draft will play out. In some of the versions, 7 of these guys are off the board when we pick, and in the "best" versions only 4 or 5 are gone. You can see in general that the higher up, the lower availability.

I ask you draftniks, if you are so brave to put your opinion out there, give me YOUR board among these guys in order of what you want in this draft. Not what you think the Eagles will do, but what you would do.

Here is mine. First, in what may be an unpopular choice, I take RB's off the board in round one. It's a draft philosophy of mine. Could be right, could be wrong, but it's my draft!! Also, I'm sad to say that Foster is off my board. In his moment to shine, this knucklehead got kicked out of the combine for an altercation with a healthcare worker. Kicked the fuck out. Who does that? Then he fails the drug test for having diluted urine. I'm very familiar with diluted urine. CDL truck drivers with pot in their system drink water and gatorade for days to hide the shit in their system for their annual drug test they must past. The next time a guy did it because he was sick would be the first time for me. So my board is more limited than yours may be. Here are my wants in order:

1. J. Adams (S) ranked #2 overall. If he drops, we'll find a spot for him, no problem.
2. D. Barnett (DE) would love him to fall for us. Broke Reggie's sack record at Tenn.
3. OJ Howard (TE) at the 8th best prospect, just too talented to pass up. Celek's last year.
4. C. Davis (WR) best route runner, plenty of WR have made it from small schools. Williams is duplication of Jefferey.
5. G. Conley (CB) best of the CB remaining. No shot at Lattimore. Shame S. Jones got injured.
6. T. Charlton (DE) 18th best prospect at a position of need. Consolation for missing out on Barnett. Better than Harris
7. M. Humphrey (CB) 20th best prospect. Not high on him, only picked in 1st round in 4 of 9 mocks
8. J. Ross (WR) his speed is an instant fit. Toyed move him up to #5 or #6 on my board. Injuries made me back off.
9. H. Reddick (OLB) His meteoric rise a little concern, also needs to change positions, but was a beast in Sr. Bowl.
10. D. Njoku (TE) He will likely be the best value pick of this draft. 13th rated prospect who is drafted lower in all mocks.

What is the floor for worst I can do for each of these 9 mocks? Not too bad. I'm pretty sure I will get no worse than my 5th prospect on my board, which is the 21st best prospect. Here are the best players available at #14 in these mocks:

C. Davis 3x
D. Barnett 2x
G. Conley 2x
J. Adams 1x
O. Howard 1x

I would be OK with any of these, so in that respect, it should be tough to mess it up.

My order would be

CB Conley
DE Barnett
S Adams
WR Williams
RB McCaffrey
TE Howard

Should be at least one of those available.
I've been watching highlights of all these guys. They all look impressive.

But one stands out to me. Foster.

That guy comes off like the real deal in every respect as a disrupting force.
Revised Board, Last Minute

Pick if there at #14

1. J. Adams S
2. D. Barnett DE
3. C. Davis WR
4. OJ Howard TE
5. M. Williams WR

Trade Down in late 1st

6. M. Humphrey CB
7. A. Jackson CB
8. J. Ross WR
9. H. Reddick OLB

Off 1st Round Board

R. Foster - drugs
C. McCaffrey - no RB in 1st
D. Cook - no RB in 1st.

I don't trade up in the first or second, unless we trade Kendricks or Kelce as our currency to move up

Fingers crossed......................

Reality Fan
I go kicker 1 punter 2 and then look for best available fullback.....lololol
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