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It all hinges on the sophomore QB. He shows all the football and personality skills, but that doesn't guarantee he'll be successful.
Goff played 393 snaps and threw 205 balls as a rookie. Lynch played 176 snaps and threw 83 passes. By comparison, Wentz played 1,127 snaps (second most among all NFL QBs in 2016) and threw 607 balls. The Eagles rookie started hot, had to deal with defensive coaches getting tape and building a book on him, leveled off, and then continued to grow.

Naturally, we know more about Wentz. For obvious reasons, there’s more optimism on Wentz nationally than the other two. But that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of work to be done. The Eagles sent him off in January with two directives, as I understand them. One, he needed to rest a worn out throwing elbow. Two, he was to drill his lower body mechanics, in an effort to play and throw with more balance.
The Eagles’ staff will get its first look at Wentz on Monday, when vets return for Year 2 of the Doug Pederson era, and there’s something else Pederson hopes he gets. “I want to see him embracing being a leader on this football team,” Pederson told me, a few weeks back. “Now that he’s got a year under his belt, he can be the guy, a guy who can really motivate other players, challenge other players.”

Once we get to OTAs, the hope is that the offseason work on his mechanics and the rest will help Wentz’s downfield accuracy, one area where defenses made it hard on him last year. But there’s still plenty to be excited about here.
Linc ...
He is the least of my concerns. If he is only as good as he was last year, the team will be fine. The improvement at WR and better O Line depth will make him look better.

We'll see what happens at RB. They may be lacking there and that could hurt CW, however even the mediocre W Smallwood should put up good numbers behind that O Line. I just don't expect big plays from anyone other than Sproles.

QUOTE (Zero @ Apr 14 2017, 06:03 AM) *
It all hinges on the sophomore QB. He shows all the football and personality skills, but that doesn't guarantee he'll be successful.
Linc ...

Sophomore slumps happen...something my team will be as well advised to remember as yours. The trick is to have the patience to see it through when it does, and ignore the calls for his head.
Reality Fan
I am not too worried about Wentz. he seems to have a good head and is a football junkie. If he fails it will not be for lack of effort. While I am not nearly as over the top for the WRs we signed they are an enormous upgrade if for no other reason they put Agholar on the bench. I am hoping that Jeffrey has hit head together, if he does than he could be special but his last 2 years worry me. Fingers firmly crossed.

I am surprised that he went to a football throwing mechanics guru without any eagles coaches watching. That me be a CBA byproduct but it did seem odd.

Looking forward to seeing his progress.
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