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Full Version: It's not that I really care
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The Raiders are moving ... again. This is what sucks about professional sports. The fans are the reason professional sports exist. Look at this guy, this IS the Raiders. Taking his team away from him so another arrogant rich owner can make more money is criminal.

Honestly, in this day and age, it doesn't really matter where a team is. Most fans will never go to a game anyway and we have more access to games/stats/info now than we ever have.

However, I don't understand why they keep taking teams away from certain cities then bringing a team back (Oakland/LA with the Raiders for example) when they were not successful there in the first place. I get it, these days it's more about moving because they can't get a stadium or something like that but still....
The Franchise
I've always considered the Raiders fan base basically straight drag queens. But nobody can deny what passionate fans they are. I can't imagine how I would feel if the Eagles moved, but you can rest assured that I would be done with the NFL forever.

Obviously this was all over drama involving taxpayer funded stadiums, which makes these situations even more disgusting. I would be interested in how they calculated future revenue. Vegas, like Florida, has a lot of transplants who are not likely to become real die-hard fans of the team - with LV metro having about 2 million people compared to the Bay Area Metro's 7 million. They're assuming a large bump of tourists each weekend, but to what extent will casinos cooperate in getting their customers off the tables and to a football game for pretty much most of Sunday? I also can't imagine the amount of trouble players and team personnel are going to get into.....

It's been debated forever what kind of sports town Vegas would be. Looks like we get to find out. Hopefully Raiders fans suck it up and collectively tell Goodell and Company to go fuck themselves by not spending a penny the next 3 years, but I doubt that will happen.
A lot of these cities need to band together and get Congress to pass a law banning public money being spent on professional sports arenas. If the owners have to build the things themselves, they'll be a lot more loyal to the community they're already in.
The Franchise
So apparently there's already talk about a Raiders themed brothel coming to LV when they relocate.


There's a reason professional sports have never entered Vegas before. Belichick will keep his players under armed guard in their hotel rooms, but wow are there going to be serious issues with players getting in trouble.
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