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Full Version: Alshon's hands
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REC / Drops / %

2012 24 / 1 / 2.1
2013 89 / 5 / 3.4
2014 85 / 5 / 3.5
2015 54 / 4 / 4.3
2016 52 / 1 / 1.1

Overall 304 / 16 / 5.3

So basically, for every twenty balls that touch his hands, 19 stay there. Impressive, especially on this team.
With these additions, we should have a more even look a Wentz vs. Dak. Smith should open the underneath and Jeffery should be the guy Wentz trusts enough to just throw it in his direction.
In other words, if he starts dropping the football this team is cursed.
I recall some years ago one of the Eagles WRs commenting that N Foles throws a "catchable ball." He was referring to Foles ability to take something off of a throw when appropriate rather than gun the ball every time.

Of course Foles does not have a big arm. Maybe the big arm'ed QBs are somewhat vulnerable to drops when they are gun slinging.

Isn't it true that the drops have been more from the WRs and backs rather than the stronger TEs? Is that coincidence or expected with a strong armed QB?

QUOTE (Phits @ Mar 11 2017, 04:23 PM) *
In other words, if he starts dropping the football this team is cursed.
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