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Full Version: Players going to teams reports seem to be way off this year.
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In the past 12 hrs it's been reported that Britt is going to the Eagles, Dolphins, and Browns. One network shows footage of Britt with financial numbers going to Miami and within 2 minutes I hear he's going to the Browns.

Then the cb from Huston has more landing spots than some airports.

It really seems to put the integrity of sports writers in question.
Some of them are just speculating.

Others are passing on what they've heard in good faith from their sources, but those sources have agendas (agents wanting more money, trade partners looking for leverage).

And there are that many rumours that the reporters can feel free to say things will be happening, safe in the knowledge that with so much happening their errors will be lost in the crowd. Of course, on the rare occasions they get one right, they'll boast about it.
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