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Full Version: The Four Rules of NFL Free Agency
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An interesting read that essentially says be smart in FA, not impulsive. I particularly like #4 because it's a fault the Eagles have had the past few years, since the Dream Team, but also because it's something that Douglas (I think, maybe Roseman) has addressed recently. Even if things go right, this won't be an overnight fix, this needs to be team-building, not just talent acquisition.
  • Stay away from declining veterans
  • Don't be Lucy
  • If you can't spot the sucker at the table, you're the sucker
  • Scout Inside Out, Not Outside In
Don’t grade them in March and April. Grade them 10 months from now. You can’t win the offseason; you can only lose it. Just ask Chip Kelly.
Yep #4.

Like when someone mentioned that Maxwell wasn't a press corner? A year after being poo pooed, he's out of town and playing at just below PB level for MIA in a different scheme.

The incompetence of moves like the above baffles me. You have NFL tape of these guys in NFL systems and they can't figure out the good fits.

This is why Barwin will be worth a lot to another team in the right scheme.

Rounders quote, a classic.

If you guys have never seen that movie, it's well worth it.

Pay him his money!!

I agree about waiting a while to crown the GM guru. I did a post-mortem on Howie's moves from last year. When you look at it in totality, his off-season wasn't impressive. If I can find the post, I'll link it.
Just to nitpick, Roseman isn't the GM, the Eagles don't have a GM. I think Douglas is the GM hopeful and if all is right in the universe the Eagles agree that we need to wait a season or two to crown him with that title.
Carson Wentz, not bad
Rodney McLeod, not a bad move
Nigel Bradham, not bad
Extending Jenkins was good
Extending LJ and Celek wasn't terrible
Keeping Sturgis over Parkey, not bad
Extending Ertz is TBD
Murray wanted out
Maxwell and Alonso got us to Wentz
Vinny Curry is a question that will be answered this year
Extending Cox unfortunately is TBD
I'm not sure about your use of "wasn't impressive" if you mean it was bad.

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