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Full Version: Asking J. Peters to Take Pay Cut?
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A report suggests the Eagles asked Peters to take a pay cut.

I am surprised. How do you ask a Pro Bowl OT to take a cut after a rather healthy season?

Supposedly he will be the 8th highest paid L OT.

I suppose they can ask *very* respectfully in order to try to sign better FAs and improve their chances to make the playoffs, however, I don't see any way they risk alienating a potential HoFer, and one of the all-time Eagle greats.
He is due 9.95m in '17 and 10.0M in '18 of salary.

He is adequately paid for his quality of play.

If I am him, there is no way I take a cut.

If they want to restructure and add a year to convert salary to SB, I will listen. But other than that, I say no, and if they cut me, I am free to pursue the other 15 NFL teams that have a better shot at getting that ring.

Barwin, Kelce, Mathews, Kendricks.

Plenty of others contracts that need pruning before JP.

They get rid of the others, they'll have plenty of cap room.
I think a restructure is the way to go too. I'll be surprised if there is a big fight over this and I hope the team isn't prepared to move on without him, not so much because of his play but because of what he contributes in addition to his solid play ... leadership and aura.
He'd be crazy to renegotiate from a business standpoint. They can't afford to cut him--they need him badly. It's not his fault they neglected the offensive line.
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