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Full Version: Let's Go Matty Ice!
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Send Bellicheat and the Cheatriots home crying.

NFL MVP, pride of Penn Charter, just win baby!

I'm on the other side, even though I dislike the Pats immensely. I would rather ATL remain void of a championship
The Franchise
I can't imagine the Falcons winning, and Atlanta sports fans are among the most spoiled and undeserving on earth (next to Boston fans).

But yeah, go Falcons.....
I don't think I'm going to watch it today. I can't stand the thought of Brady hoisting that trophy, and I honestly don't think the Falcons have a chance of beating them. I'm afraid that watching the game would just be a miserable exercise in waiting for the inevitable.
I love how so many people say the Falcons don't have a shot. The Patriots a close SB game. All of them they've won, have been by 1 score. I believe the Patriots will win (sadly) because I feel they are the better team from top to bottom. They win those one-score games because they're very good. They don't tend make the big mistake teams that lose them tend to make (see the Seattle SB). But, I'm not counting the Falcons out. Their defense has been getting better and better and they do have a very good offense. I don't think they'll put up a ton of points but I don't think the Patriots will either.

I just hope the Patriots lose.
I'm going with the falcons, just because Matt Ryan is an area boy.

With that said, Atlanta fans in general (football, baseball and basketball) don't support their teams. Therefore, if the falcons lose, then fuck the fairweather fans of Atlanta.

I played against Matt during middle and high school. Both of our schools where in the interac league.

Hoping Matt and the Falcs can take advantage of every drive and beat the Pats!
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Feb 5 2017, 12:33 PM) *
Let's Go Matty Ice!

Matty Ice should have known better than to have taken that sack.
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