What if I let you pick the pick before me in every draft, and the next guy let you pick two spots in front of him in every draft.

And if Jeffrey wanted to do a hindsight analysis on those responsible for the draft, it would be a good barometer to compare the success of Howie's picks with the success of the two picks directly after him in each pick of each draft. All things being equal, since Howie has first dibs, you would think that he would do slightly better, no?

Well, not exactly.

If you start with the 2011 draft and end with the 2016 draft, what did Howie's drafts yield? What did the two picks after us yield in those drafts? Since you asked, here's what I found out by comparing Howie's 49 draft picks with those of the teams who drafted the next two players after we picked in each round. With six years of drafting, we can see how he did in total and a year to year basis. Here are the abbreviations and descriptions:

AP - All Pro Seasons
PB - Pro Bowl Seasons
ST - Seasons that the drafted player was the primary starter
AV - Career Average Value which is a metric of success used by Pro Football Reference
GP - The number of games played by those players drafted.
+1 - The picks of the team that drafted the next pick after us
+2 - The picks of the team that drafted two picks after us
PHI - The Eagles picks

A summary of results follows. These are cumulative for all the years. So if Cox started five seasons, he would contribute five of the total starting seasons, whereas Wentz only counts as one season started.

+2......... 3......5.......38....408..1365

So, while the teams that selected the next two picks AFTER we selected were busy selecting 7 All Pros, who were we picking? More on that in a bit.

Was this just a bad year skewing the data? Sadly, no. In the six years of this analysis, we never finished first out of the three teams! We fiinished second twice and last four times! Pretty consistent.

Here are the All Pros selected within two picks after us and who we selected in that spot:

2016 Elliott 1st round, we selected Wentz (may tun out good) two picks after us
2016 T. Hill 5th round, we selected Vatai the pick before Hill
2015 D. Johnson 3rd round, we selected Hicks two picks before him
2013 Matthieu 3rd round, we selected Logan two picks before him
2012 Wagner 2nd round, we selected Kendricks one pick before him
2012 Osemele 2nd round, we selected Curry one pick before him.

You can look at our picks and say they weren't bad, but while we were hitting doubles, the teams picking after us were hitting home runs. All-Pro is a very difficult distinction.

Our four Pro Bowls belong to Cox 2, Kelce 1, Foles 1.

Our most seasons as a starter belong to Cox 5, Kelce 5, Logan 4, Kendricks 4, Foles & Johnson 3
Highest Career AV's belong to Cox 44, Kelce 32, Kendricks 27, Foles 23, Johnson 22, Ertz 21, Matthews 19

We all need to hope this Douglas guy knows what he's doing and Howie doesn't mess it up.