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Full Version: Roseman Press Conference Today
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It's 30 minutes long, but I thought it was very interesting.

Summary of his main points:

1. Douglas brings a different way of evaluating talent.

2. His offseason last year was all about Wentz.

3. He did band aid approach to get to 10-6 and make the playoffs thinking that if you got to the playoffs, anything can happen. He is now focused on building a team that can get a first round bye as that's where the SB winners come from.

4. He mentioned several times about being in the unusual situation of having more cap constraints.

To me, he switched his focus, cynically I feel to match the events. A few months ago, he was saying win now and in the future. Today, he was all about the future.

Whether we get to and win the SB or not remains to be seen. However, he had a Hinkian long term mantra today. Methinks chances for playoffs next year are not great in his mind.

He gave a good presser and it is definitely worth a watch.

I'd be interested in others thoughts.
He's a lawyer and he talked like one yesterday. It was rare that I heard him answer a question directly. I'm not blaming him. It could be that his change of focus is a result of his lawyerness or it might be because he's been listening to the personnel people he hired who are reported to actually know what to do and how to do it.
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