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Full Version: Eagles free agents for 2017
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I'd definitely keep the following -
TE Burton (RFA), DT Logan, ST Braman, C/G Wizniewski
Burton just makes plays, Logan is a solid partner for Cox, Braman a key STer and Wizniewski is veteran depth.

These would be cheap but could be cut in camp -
S Watkins (RFA), RB Watson (RFA), LB Goode
Losing Watkins would mean finding two S, Watson offers some power and Goode is always on the fringes of the squad.

And I don't see a future here for -
RB Barner (RFA), LB Tulloch, CB Carroll
Barner is squeezed out by Marshall and Watson for the #4 RB, Tulloch barely played and Carroll achieved less than Tulloch.

So the good news is that we shouldn't be using much of our limited cap on our own guys, providing we don't blow it on a dumb move like keeping Carroll.
The glaring problem here is that we're over the cap and Logan is going to get a big offer somewhere that we likely won't be able to match.
Mikey Numbers posted an analysis of our cap situation that shows that we'll have plenty of cap room to do what is needed. Nothing extravagant, but needs can be addressed.
Not sure why Logan hasn't been renegotiated yet.

I think he's good... not great. I don't see a lot of double teams on him, especially working next to Cox. If he has reasonable demands, then yes, he should be back. Otherwise we'll have to draft someone.

Unfortunately, I think Carroll stays another year, even if we draft some DBs. The draftees will need time to acclimate to the NFL.
Update from the official site

No mention of Watson, and Watkins is an exclusive rights FA.

Other than that, just the usual PR fluff from the players about liking it here.
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