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Full Version: Brandon Brooks : Anxiety, Obsession
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Brandon Brooks, Eagles' Right Guard, announced he is struggling with some anxiety and obsession causing him to miss recent games.

I admire him for the way he has handled the situation--unlike former Eagles's OT/OG, Shaun Andrews.

There is some social stigma to having mental problems. Those problems are often not well understood--by medical professionals and even more so by the general public. It can be tempting for people who have never experienced such a problem to assume it is due to a moral or other character flaw.

However, Brandon has the benefit of being a successful 320lb NFL football player. That's not the type of guy anyone would expect to have an anxiety problem due to a character flaw! Hopefully this will encourage others who are suffering to seek help.

I suppose his problem is more likely biochemical.

I have both been there. I was a healthy youth and teen. However I gradually developed lead toxicity from working in my family's business. Doctors were mystified as my health gradually declined over 15 years, that included a former med school prof with two Best of Philly awards. Most of the problems are now much improved or eliminated with a combination of heavy metal detox--Cutler protocol--and/or a few supplements. For one problem I still benefit from a low dose of medication.

A long-time close female friend had a similar experience. She suffered with PTSD for decades and did not tolerate medication for it. Extensive counseling, spiritual direction and group support had only a modest impact. She went to an endocrinologist for over 10 yrs but he never mentioned a need for adrenal cortex support. She recognized the symptom cluster as she read descriptions in books. She saw her symptom cluster reported countless times in the heavy metal detox groups. A Functional Medicine doctor ran tests that came back positive and provided the adrenal cortex support supplements and medications Certain amino acids, especially glutamine, have also been almost magical. I can't imagine anyone would give her a PTSD diagnosis today. She is so much improved.

Hopefully the meds Brandon supposedly is on will be helpful to him. I also hope that he and his medical support team will dig for more fundamental cause(s) of the problems. Mainstream, HMO/Obamacare medicine system does not seem to be setup to do that well. They are setup to keep costs down and encourage the use of Big Pharma solutions, often as a long-term treatment for the symptoms--and mainstream medicine's profit margins. Good luck getting them to look for underlying factors when the financial incentive exists for them to ignore such factors.

Many of us due to consumption of processed foods don't consume the amount of the mineral magnesium that the US RDA recommends or as much as our ancestors did. Magnesium is involved in many dozens of necessary chemical reactions in the body, including some involving production of calming brain chemicals.

The natural mineral, lithium, is an example of a supplement that will likely be ignored by mainstream medical professionals. Yet several people I know personally and I can attest that it can be a nice part of one's support for more healthy stress tolerance and mood.

As the following article explains, our ancestors consumed more lithium from their well water than we receive from municipal water systems.
Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? Anna Fels, psychiatrist and faculty member at Weill Cornell Medical College
Lithium: The cinderella story about a mineral that may prevent alzheimer's disease

Others have problems in their digestive tract or kidneys causing them to not absorb or retain minerals or amino acids to a normal degree. Obviously there can be many other factors, including toxins in our environment that our ancestors did not experience to the same extent.

These include mercury from burning coal and other industrial process. It gets into the environment where fish absorb it, convert it to an organic form and tend to accumulate it. The flu and some other vaccines also contain organic mercury as a preservative--to save Big Pharma $. Organic mercury easily gets into our organs and brain where we tend to retain it. "Silver" amalgam dental filling contain roughly 50% mercury--oops, your dentist forgot to mention that. The brain and hormone system are two of the most vulnerable systems to heavy metals.

There are growing concerns about the long-term effects of herbicides such as glyphosate (Roundup) that are sprayed on GMO and other crops. So much of the ingredients in the "junk food" we consume has been sprayed with these herbicides. MIT scientist, Stephanie Seneff is a good resource on this topic.

Dr Mark Hyman rather candidly describes his very long list of mood and other symptoms when he was essentially disabled as a fairly young doctor. In one of his books, The Ultra Mind Cure, he writes that he went to ten other doctors before someone realized heavy metals--mercury--was a major factor in his symptoms. Today he is a well known author with TV appearances and a successful medical practice.

Dr Hyman's story is a powerful example of how we have to continue to dig for better solutions rather than rely on the suggestions of one--or nine--doctors.

I hope Brandon's experience on the path of wellness is much easier than Dr Hyman's, mine and that of many others. Eagles fans hope so too.
I had the opportunity to meet him this year when he first came to town. We did some work for him and he was a really good guy, humble and appreciative.

I wish him a speedy recovery for him as a person and player.

Hopefully they can get it under control.

Reality Fan
I suppose you could say the Eagles level of play made him sick......he must be a fan because it has had the same effect on us
QUOTE (Reality Fan @ Dec 16 2016, 04:52 PM) *
I suppose you could say the Eagles level of play made him sick......he must be a fan because it has had the same effect on us

You ain't kiddin!
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