Is they're not fun to watch. Watching the Eagles is an agonizing chore now.

No Big Plays
No Playmakers
No Exciting Players/Personalities
No Heart
No Players To Cheer For

These last few weeks I've been struggling to watch the Eagles play but its not fun watching shitty WRs, shitty RBs, shitty TEs, and a shitty defense rack up nothing but garbage points and a league leading amount of penalties.

The worst part about it is these players act like their shit doesn't stink. Agholor thinks he's doing just fine and doesn't want to hear about drops? Cox becomes one of the highest paid players in league but doesn't want his numbers questioned? Ertz diving out of the way of a defender when his QB could've been lit up? Jason Peters telling the team to straighten up while getting a damn false start penalty every game? Fuck everyone on this team at ths point

There's nothing to lose now for this team so for the love of God just make these last few games entertaining