There were at least a half dozen plays in the first quarter alone, where I witnessed the likes of 27, 91, 55, 98, 58 all walking around and putting zero effort into "swarming to the ball."

These guys were nowhere near "prepared to play." To see Jenkins taking plays off tells me that's largely about coaching.

Just a pathetic display of effort.

And the scheme? At what point do you realize they're targeting and picking on 21? At one point, they went at him on 6 consecutive plays, averaging 9 yards a snap against him.


We knew this team was AT BEST a borderline playoff team. But they're farther away from good than they are from putrid.

O line? Terrible.
WRs? Historically Bad.
Secondary? Couldn't cover me.
D line? Talented, but seemingly not even trying.

Last thought?

Fuck you, Fletcher Cox. Hasn't had a sack in 7 weeks. Had as many penalties as tackles last night. One that extended a drive after a 3rd dwn stop when the game was still close. I thought he only sucked on the road. He got paid. He's done.