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Full Version: I'm sick of the lack of discipline on this team
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The fucking mistakes and penalties are infuriating.
That is one big difference btw the Eagles and a Super Bowl caliber team. Another big difference is the weakness at WR.

Seattle made few mistakes. Some of the Eagles stupid mistakes were very costly, esp the illegal formation on the Ertz TD.

It was interesting that CW on several occasions chose to throw long into double coverage rather than take a chance on something shorter as he usually does. Maybe the lack of Sproles was part of the reason but I bet it was part of the game plan.

On the INT in the 2nd half, Treggs hesitated at one point and allowed the defender to get behind him to Int the ball. Thankfully due to his good tackle the play was not very hurtful, It was like a punt.

The long throw into the End zone in the 1st half could have been intercepted as well. Treggs does not seem to have good ability to track the ball in the air. CW will have to stay away from Treggs unless he is clearly open and in single coverage.

If the Ertz TD was not called back and if Agholor caught the 25 yd pass that went through his hands, the Eagles might have had a lead at the half.

They still would have lost. The D could not handle Wilson's scrambling and ability to throw on the run. The Offense was overmatched in the second half. Several tipped balls hurt.

I don't see Dallas beating Seattle, even in Big D. We nearly took out the Cowboys but were no match for Seattle. Dallas does not have Sea on their schedule this year.

I was surprised when Agholor hauled in the 2 Pt conversion pass. Nice play against a good CB.

DGB has his moments late. I wish I could look at the film to see why he could not have made those same plays in the first three quarters. Maybe the Sea CBs were playing up in bump coverage for most of the game.

QUOTE (Zero @ Nov 20 2016, 08:48 PM) *
The fucking mistakes and penalties are infuriating.
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