I must admit, I thought this was going to be the year when we would really see a drop off from him. I'm happy to say, I was wrong. Hopefully he can just stay healthy.

Jason Peters --- I'm year to year.

Excerts from the article:

JP: “I’m just chasing the dream that everyone is – to play this game and get to a Super Bowl,” Peters said after the Eagles’ win over the Falcons. “I’ve told Coach that I’m year-to-year, but I’m not leaving until I try to get that ring.”

Pederson: "We're managing him during the week to get him just enough reps during practice to get him to game day, and he feels great. He's getting plenty of rest early in the week that helps him, and I love to see him play as long as he can.”

JP: “It’s technique,” Peters said. “I put emphasis on my technique, and I work at it throughout the week. I work at my craft, and obviously it has been paying off for me on Sundays. I’ve just been working my craft, doing my job, and trying to keep them off Wentz because I know if I keep them off of him, Wentz is going to do a good job.”