If the Eagles were to get a receiver who:

-could actually get some separation more than 3 yards down the field.
-didn't run routes 2 yards short of the first down marker or the end zone.
-would actually make a play for their QB.
-didn't fall down as soon as the defender just looked their way.
-could actually catch a fucking ball that hits them in their fucking hands!!!!!!!

I am so sick and tired of watching this inept receiving group. Not one of them even attempts to make a play. If it's not right in their hands forget it. About half the time when it IS in their hands they fucking drop it anyway. Before the Eagles allowed the Cowgirls to tie it, Dez Bryant was streaking for the end zone and was well-covered (actually, they did a decent job on him last night). Prescott throws a ball and Bryant lays it all out to try and catch it. Didn't make the catch but I said to my friends, "When's the last time you saw an Eagles' receiver lay out for a ball in an attempt to catch it?" It's beyond frustrating at this point. I fully expect a drop every time they throw the ball now.

Fucking Ertz and Matthews fall down before the defender even hits them it seems. These are big guys. WTF!!??

OGB is showing a few signs of maybe being decent but fucking drops...

Agholar...why the hell is he still on the field?

Huff!!!? Unless he's returning a kickoff, he REALLY shouldn't be on the field.

Oh, it would also be nice if our coach wasn't calling such FUCKED UP plays all night! You need 2 or 3 yards for a first down, so let's call a play that moves BACKWARDS or let's throw the ball BEHIND the line of scrimmage. WTF!!!????

And why the hell are you NOT calling timeout at the end of regulation? 3rd and 10, about 45 seconds left and you just let them run the clock out. And yup, we don't even tough the ball in OT. WTF!!???

I'm a bit concerned that Wentz has now had 4 opportunities to do something special in the end (he had two chances last night) and has failed. I can't put it all on him as the playcalling has sucked balls and the receivers, well, I already covered that.

But I firmly believe, if they finally get a REAL receiver for Wentz to throw to, he can be something special. The OL actually did a decent job--they seem to be getting a little better. But Wentz is constantly back there with nobody to throw to. Then, he throws it and they can't catch it.

I said I expected a loss last night but man, they should have won this game. That kills me. We've been watching games that they should have won for the past couple of years now. It's time to start winning them.

0-2 in the NFC East...