I taped the game today due to my son having an odd Sunday game instead of a Saturday night game so I just finished watching it.

Not much went right today. This team today reminded me of the first season with Foles when the Eagles were scoring a lot of points on defense and special teams. The only difference today was the offense couldn't score a single touchdown.

The Eagles need to get the penalties under control. There are always a handful of bad calls in a game but not near enough to have 12+ penalties two weeks in a row. You cannot build a rhythm on offense if every time you make a play you negate it with a penalty. The penalty on Cox at the half was a big one as well.

Both lines were horrible today. The defensive line was horrendous and continuously gave up huge chunks of yards on the ground. At the 2:00 mark in the first half they were giving up over 7 a carry. Inexcusable. Vatai (sp?) was a complete wreck. He was equally bad in run blocking as well as pass blocking. This season is going to get ugly real fast if they cannot solidify the RT position.

I said a few weeks ago that you have to give new QBs 3 games before you can really evaluate them. Same with a new coach. Other teams have plenty of film on this version of the Eagles. Normally you watch to see how the QB adapts to the changes the other teams make. Unfortunately for Wentz the rest of the team has not returned from the bye week yet so you cannot really see how he adapts.

Off to Minnesota. I was hoping to take one of these 3 games but that looks like a long shot with these back to back losses.