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Full Version: Things I look forward to seeing today
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Some hopes, some expected:

First, a win. No matter how we get it, just get it.

Second, put Agholar on Norman's side to trade our worst WR for their best CB. If they are too stupid to move Norman to play a real WR, then make them pay for it!

I think Pedey gives Ryan Mathews the opportunity for redemption. He has not been up to form so far, but I think they give him a long leash today and give him a lot of work early on. If he delivers early, I see 120 rushing yards from him today. I he is same old same old in the first half, I think the young suns will still put up respectable numbers.

Get DGB some time and some plays. He needs to overtake Agholar on the depth chart. Use him at the goal line for the fade.

How about an Ertz sighting? Maybe a nice 10 catch for 100 yards day against LB's that can't cover me?

Is it too much to ask to get Troegs on the active list and in the game? It's not like Huff or Agholar are starting WR's. The Turner watch has officially begun in our household.

A few more designed runs for the Kid, with a nice baseball slide at the end.

Defense - a solid day, with Cousins getting the ball out so quick, they need to get hands in the air on the DL for some tipped ball INT's.

Keep DJax quiet. I'm sick of him killing us.

How about a ST play? We have been better than average, but no big time plays. Sproles is due.

Hopeful here in the Northeast...............................................................
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Oct 16 2016, 08:59 AM) *
Keep DJax quiet. I'm sick of him killing us.

If anything just this
The Franchise
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Oct 16 2016, 11:59 AM) *
Keep DJax quiet. I'm sick of him killing us.

I'd expect more than a couple deep shots his way. I'm sure Schwartz expects the same - I hope.
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