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Full Version: Here's a thought
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How good of a player at a position of need can we get right now for next year's 1st round pick?

How about for our 4th round pick?

With Howie's track record in the draft, I think I'd rather bet the pick on an established player.

I would guess that we could get anyone not in the top ten on any team's roster for that 1st round pick.

My guess is that we'd get a bottom 25 player on any roster for the 4th.

I say, find a partner and do it.


I've just had so many M. Smith, D. Watkins and N. Agholar from this guy. He inspires no confidence whatsoever.


In just one off season not only is Riley KKKooper off this team, he's not even in the fucking league. Two of the most worthless QBs of all time Buttfumble and Badford are off ruining other teams and we get a 1st round pick out of it. He actually found teams stupid enough to take on DeMarco Murray and Byron Murray's overpaid contracts; and even found someone stupid enough to take Kiko Alonso.

I felt physically ill watching the Eagles last season. I hated so many of their players and now they're all gone. I don't even care what Howie does for the rest of the season he's earned a pass from me.
Reality Fan
Did he draft Agholor? I thought that was the Kelly brain trust.

Other than that I completely agree and that was the basis for my concern over the Wentz deal. I do not like having to take risks with Howie calling the shots. It has not worked out well.....and until he fields a team that actually wins a playoff game I have zero confidence in him
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