CJ Smith at CB. Is he good enough to keep as our last CB or do we go with an extra safety with Reynolds or neither?

Is it Means over M. Smith or vice versa? Is Braman on the team?

Does Vaeao have a shot since they cut Martin?

Does anyone other than Turner make it as the 5th WR or do one of the others shine, or do they go with only 4 WR and get a waiver wire wideout? Rasheed Bailey??

One other thing.

I don't understand why they think Issac S is a shoe in to start over Wiz at LG. I have't seen anything from Isaac that tells me he's a starter. Nothing bad about him but with a late start to camp, I didn't expect him to.

A bunch of battles for the 10 man PS. I have to see if Lawlor has the eligible list yet.