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Full Version: Going out on a limb here
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I'm selling that our D will be top 8, our O will be top 18 and our ST's will be top 5.

That doesn't seem like a stretch. Pretty conservative, no?

Shouldn't that get us to 8 or 9 wins and some meaningful football up until late December at least?

I think our D is legit.

I know our ST's is legit.

Even though a lot of starters were out for Indy, I don't think I'm blowing smoke with a top 18 O prediction.

Am I?
I think just about everything has to go right for our offense to be 18+.

I'm ready for Ryan Mathews to have a big year and if he does, it gives us a shot. But the idea of him staying healthy seems unlikely.
Reality Fan
I think our offense will be top is a ball control offense with good TEs....a good ball control WR in Matthews and an accurate QB....if Huff can actually play and DGB buys in they can be pretty effective. There is more talent here than Smith has had at KC. It all comes down to health.
Right now, as things currently sit, the division race will be probably be between you guys and Washington.

With the distraction of RGIII gone, the same coach as last year, and Cousins now firmly in place, they are probably the most settled and dangerous team in the division.

Until I see something different from the Giants, I figure they will probably find a way to shoot themselves in the foot along to a slightly sub 500 record. Coughlin's gone, so they have to adjust to that as well.

I like Dak Prescott, but I think a lot of Dallas fans are about to see the difference between Romo and a rookie. On the other hand I still think Romo is crazy if he tries to come back. He's 36 and the last three out of four games he has played in resulted in him being carted off the field with broken bones. Even if he comes back the odds are he will go right back down. Therefore, I will consider it a victory if we can top our four wins from last year.

So that leaves you guys. Y'all also have a new coach, but your veteran QB has had a year in Philly now, and you guys cut down to the running backs that work for you. The Eagles are in flux, but so far it has mostly looked positive.
Our D has always been good; it's just hard to keep your endurance up when you're on the field for 40 fucking minutes.

I love that it's not even the regular season yet and Jerry Rice already shit all over Chip Kelly. Said he hates everything about Chip Kelly's offense. 61 total passing yards between 4 QBs in a Week 3 preseason game laugh.gif
The biggest thing that needs to go right is Jason Peters' health. Things will get ugly if both Peters and LJ are out. The O will have too many 3nouts. D will be on the field too much.

QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Aug 29 2016, 09:34 PM) *
I think just about everything has to go right for our offense to be 18+.

I'm ready for Ryan Mathews to have a big year and if he does, it gives us a shot. But the idea of him staying healthy seems unlikely.

I think LJ being gone is going to hurt too much for our O to be consistent. I am now a firm believer in the "OLine continuity is important" movement.

I think top 8 D and top 5 STs is very probable. I'm hopeful and excited about our D this year. They could be dominant, barring injury of course.
I've got to say it's always funny seeing fans and how they change their tune about their team (not just Eagles' fans) the closer they get to the regular season--especially if that team wins in preseason.

We still have absolutely NO idea how good/bad this team will be. I don't expect much out of this team this season for a lot of reasons. Preseason games (wins/losses) mean nothing. Heck, they mean LESS than nothing. Teams are trying different things. They're checking out players they feel may need a little work. They're looking at players on the bubble. Getting starters a little play (hopefully) without getting them hurt. A preseason game is a glorified practice for all intents and purposes. Keep that in mind.

I don't even watch the games because I don't want to become invested in any player who may not even play for the Eagles and because I don't want to get too high or low after good/bad play.

Here we are, less than 2 weeks before the opener and now people are talking about being a playoff team. Yes, they have a shot at the playoffs because the NFC East--again--sucks balls. But, in my wildest dreams, I don't see the Eagles making any kind of real noise IF they make the playoffs this season.

I expect the defense will be improved. I have no idea about the offense. We know we have shit for receivers unless some of these guys get some pride and decide they will do what they're getting paid to do--catch the fucking ball. We know the offensive line has the potential to be bad...REALLY bad. Hard to win against playoff teams with an offense like this. Could we be surprised? Absolutely. But it would be just that--a surprise if the offense turns out to be really good.

So calm your jets and just try to enjoy watching the Eagles (hopefully) develop a team which can be competitive in years to come.
A successful 2016 for me means:

-Pederson is competent, and shows he can run the team
-D is improved across the board, and we all buy Schwartz t-shirts
-Bradford plays well enough to get something for him from somebody
-Wentz is ready to go next year
-Someone not named Jordan turns out to be a wide receiver

If we hit these this year, I'm happy. As for record? I'd feel real good about 8-8.
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