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Full Version: Second half rumblings
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- overall I was happy with the calls getting in in time. QB's had plenty of time to audible if needed. Also a good crisp pace.
- Celek needs to catch that!!
- Ertz tackled on first attempt again
- I really like Barner
- Nice blocking on running play by Ertz
- TD to Burton - "That ain't working, that's the way you do it.................and the chicks are free"
- wonder why McKelvin was out from the ones replaced by CJ Smith
-good tackling run defense
- the good and bad of Carroll - blown tackle, then INT in end zone
- turner good hands, no separation
- ST mistake for TD - Reynolds dead man walking anyway
- a Randell siting!!
- Turner runs nice patterns
- Marshall a good PS RB. I hope he sticks. One of our better UDFA's
- Rice is gone
- illegal hit on Tulloch my ass!!
- wasn't Morris our PS QB at one time or 3rd string. BTW, did you notice Chip brought Ponder to SF. Surprised he didn't have him here last year.
- thought Daniel played well

- Smallwood and Hart injuries. Keep fingers crossed they're OK.

Overall, a real solid game. Our D is legit. O looked good albeit vs depleted D, but we executed well. Kept Sleeves clean and he looked comfy and accurate.

Hopefully all healthy and move on to game #4.

This game may have moved the ticket prices up a few bucks on Stub Hub.
quote name='nephillymike'

- Celek needs to catch that!!

** The throw was a little high and allowed it to be contested.

- Ertz tackled on first attempt again

** He might be playing soft in the preseason.

- I really like Barner

** One of the most pleasant surprises of the preseason.

- TD to Burton

** With the situation on the O Line and weakness at WR, I would not be surprised to see a lot of 2 and 3 TE this year. All three TEs make plays.

- wonder why McKelvin was out from the ones replaced by CJ Smith

** He's 30yrs old. Let the kids play. I assume CJ Smith played his way onto the Practice Sq

- turner good hands, no separation

** Maybe another Prac Sq player.

- a Randell siting!!

** Looks like DGB replaced Randell's role.

- thought Daniel played well

** against depleted secondary but we'll take it.

- Smallwood [injury]

** I hope this is just bad luck not a trend.

Overall, a real solid game. Our D is legit. ...

** If the O moves the ball enough to keep the time of possession close to even, I expect the D to play well. My fear is that the O Line will be terrible when Peters gets nicked up leading to many 3-n-outs. Time of possession will become a problem. Pass rush will be just average and the CBs will get exposed for what they are--average at best.

** Joe
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