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Full Version: 2017 Hall Of Fame Selections Analysis
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I found this very interesting and informative.

They don't give DMac much of a shot, but say B. Dawk should eventually get in.
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Reality Fan
I recall Ray Diddy talking about Dawk....he said it is hard for safeties to get in but he thought that Dawk should get in, he loves him obviously. If McNabb gets in it will be on a later vote but I don't think he will...if he had 3-4 years with TO or someone like that he would have been a shoe in but his numbers suffered a poor cast and that will cost him.
The whole "safeties have a tough time making the HOF" is such stupid bullshit. It's an NFL position. If you are one of the best ever at it, you should be represented in the Hall of Fame. The same goes for kickers and punters.

And I realize I'm preaching to the choir, but no football fan would argue against Dawk being one of the best ever.
Dawkins should be there without question.

McNabb was good, but good isn't good enough to get into Canton.

As regards the problems that certain positions have, it's because there is a very small class inducted each year and an elite QB will always get votes ahead of an equally elite S. OL are very underrepresented as well, mainly because it's far harder to judge an individual's level of ability.
The Franchise
Dawk is one of the best ever, and will get in. Nobody disagrees here I assume.

#5 shouldn't and won't get in, but I totally agree that if he had TO for a chunk of his career there would be no doubt he'd get in.
Reality Fan
Is there an Eagles fan alive that would not vote for Dawk fo anything....he is one of if not THE most loved Eagles of all and he has his sights set on Howie's job and I love it.
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