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Full Version: Training Camp Observations Sunday July 31st (long)
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I went down there today with my sons and took copious notes. I will divide this in two posts as I'm sure I'll have to step away before I finish.

This was the first practice I've seen since Andy's days at Lehigh. My sons saw the open one at the Linc in Chip's first year.

General Schedule (the offense was on my side of the field and right in front of me so I didn't concentrate on the D

10:00 - 10:20 group stretches. All standing up while moving. Way different then the ones back in the day we did sitting and laying down. Can't see how these would work the same but what do I know.

10:20-10:35 individual drills in position groups. TE practicing using hands on breaks from close coverage, QB footwork etc, WR and QB vs air
10:35-10:45 offense vs air in group installs. Have some coaches fill in as dummy defenders
10:45 - 11:05 - 1 on 1 WR vs CB
11:05 - 11:15 - 11 on 11 short version of certain situations. Only first teams played
11:15- 11:25 - ST's drills, kicks and returns
11:25 - 11:45 - 7 on 7's (ie WR/RB/TE vs CB/S/LB)
11:45 - 12:05 - 11 on 11's (1st,2nd.3rd teams)

I estimated about 16,000 were there. Heard on 97.5 on the way home that there was 18K there, 1/2 of last year's 1st open practice.

No R. Mathews or B. Brooks that I could see.

Sammy Sleeves was wearing no sleeves!!

Music was sub par. Not enough classic rock.

Parkey much stronger leg than Sturgis. They both were accurate with FG's.

On the vs. air drills, all of the QB's and WR's played well. Only a bad short pass from the Kid hit the ground.

In the 11 on 11 1st team only short session: (no tackling to ground but wrapped or thumped)

1st play, Sproles ran through hole on left side and went for a long run which would have been a 60+ yd TD if he didn't stop. He had plenty of quickness!!

Bradford incomplete on a short pass
Bradford overthrew Ertz
Barner nice run for 15+
not much else, it was very short session.

On the QB/WR vs air plays, the WR ranthe following routes"
1. a behind the line rub play from the slot WR behind the OS WR
2. a 5 yd slant
3. a 12 yd slant
4. a 10 yd button hook
5. a "0" yd slant.

All QB's threw well with only one ball hitting the ground that I remember. Bradford stood out as the best in this drill.

Agholar looked slow. It almost seems he takes extra chop steps. Seemed awkward.

Matthews and Randle looked solid.

In 7 on 7's

- Ertz dropped a Bradford pass over middle
- Bradford to Matthews 60 yd TB past McKelivin. Real nice
- Agholar dropped a Bradford pass
- Daniel to Ertz for 25 yds
- Daniel to Randle for 20 yds
- Daniel to H. Sharp for 60 yd TD. Also real nice. Didn't see who he beat.
- Daniel to Huff 20 yds. Daniel was on fire!
- the Kid worm burned a 5 yd incompletion to Smallwood.
- Kid to Ertz for 5 yds
- Kid on a roll out pass broken up by Rice
- Kid another 5 yd complete to a b/u TE
- Kid to Pentacale complete on a 5 yd cross
- Bradford high on throw INT by McLeod
- Brad complete for 1 yd gain
- Brad to Huff for 15 yds on a slant + YAC (he stopped running)
- Brad wide on a pass, right into Jenkins hands who dropped the INT
- Brad another Ertz drop
- Dan 5 yd complete to Burton
- Dan 10 yd complete to Celek
- Dan to Smallwood complete for 5 yds
- Dan too low for Matthew incomplete
- Dan to Huff who dropped a 30 yd pass thru hands.
- Kid behind LOS pass gianed 5 yds
- Kid behind the WR throw incomplete
- Kid 10 yd completion to Randle, a bullet
- Kid 20 yd completion down side line to Turner, tough throw
- Kid 5 yd completion to ??

11 on 11 drill

Nobody sacked a QB. Not sure if that's by design or our OL just completely dominated.

They appeared to get close a few times

-Brad a behind the LOS pass complete to (Matthews??) who turned it into a 30 yard gain
- Sproles a bullet thru the hole for 10 yds. Dude was lightning quick today.
- Brad hits Celk on a completion on 5 yd out
- Barner tackled for loss
- Brad to Barner complete on 5 yd hook
- Smallwood 1 yd gain
- Brad 5 yd completion to Smallwood
- Dan to Ertz for 15 yds
- Smallwood 3 yd run
- Dan to Ertz for 8 yd gain
- O'Neill 1 yd run
- Dan to Burton complete for 7 yds
- Dan incomplete led Givens too far
- Dan INT by Rowe, who jumped a crossing route from the other side.
- Kid short compl to TE on rollout
- Kid was rushed had to move well within pocket to complete a 5 yd pass to O'Neill
- Kid throws a behind the LOS pass that was real low, good catch for 1 yd gain
Up until this point, the Kid has not impressed at all

- Kid 10 yd completion up middle when pressured
- Kid 15 yd completion to Burton
- KId 25 yd rope to Agholar completion
- Kid incomplete sideline pass to #9 who should have caught it
- Kid 5 yd completion to Pentacale TE
Practice over.

Based on air plays I would list Bradford, then Daniels, then the Kid
Based on 11 v 11 and 7 v 7, I would list Daniel, then Bradfor then the Kid.

In both situations, the Kid is a decent bit behind the #2.

Daniel looked really good. Where the other two were checking down to the short passes more often, he was hitting 15 and 20 yarders down field. Because it's not a true competition where they play against the same D, you can't tell who is actually better. It could be our #1 D is way better than #1 O, while our #2 O is better than our #2 D. That's the problem with having a faux competition. Based on what I saw today, we should be OK if Daniel has to play.

I'm glad I went, but for anyone used to the hitting and the drills at Lehigh, this is not training camp. High school teams get more accomplished than what they got done in the 1 hr 45 minute non stretching part of this practice. But I guess that is the NFL these days.

Thanks, mikey. When you were watching the 11 on 11 drills, how did the D look? Ertz? Impression of Smallwood? I realize it's early, but thoughts on how the QB play will be in real games?
QUOTE (Zero @ Jul 31 2016, 05:05 PM) *
Thanks, mikey. When you were watching the 11 on 11 drills, how did the D look? Ertz? Impression of Smallwood? I realize it's early, but thoughts on how the QB play will be in real games?

It was tough to tell about the D. They had no sacks or plays blown dead out of close to 50 plays. Sometimes rushers got close, but no sacks. Thart makes me think that they weren't allowed to go all out.

That being what it is, the offense crushed the D. I think there was only one running play stuffed behind the LOS, although they did have a pick of Sam and a pick of Daniel.

If the D was playing all out. they have issues. If they weren't, who knows.

Ertz had a few drops. He caught a few too. My guess is mayb 4 catches and two drops. Not the ratio you'd like ot see. Daniel was best at finding him. Had a couple nice mid range hookups.

Smallwood ran more upright than I was expecting. Didn't play poorly but didn't shine either. My guess is he had maybe a 4 yd carry average. I don't remember them getting him out in space as a receiver. He had a swing pass or two, but not those in space where you get big gains.

As far as the QB's go, the Kid is definitely 3rd in the pecking order based on what I saw. In the 11 v 11, and also the 7 v 7 he always seemed to want to check to the shorter routes. He didn't play poorly, but wasn't up to the #2 level. I did see one of RF mentioned wobblers. At one point the QB's were throwing to coaches and they kept on going back further and further, almost like a game of long toss. I did see one throw of 45-50 yards in the long toss where the ball wobbled a little. The other two didn't have that. On the plus side, he throws that long ball with very little effort, where it seems Daniel has to put his whole body into it and Sam not as much as Daniel, but more than the Kid.

Sam shined in the air drills. He was the most accurate of the three in that aspect. However, when it got to 11 v 11 and 7 v 7, he was frankly not as good as Daniel. Just as Sam was far ahead of the Kid today, Daniel was far ahead of Sam. It's only one practice, but I did hear the guy on 97.5 tonight say that Daniel has been the best so far in camp. I didn't expect much from the Kid based on reports, and he didn't do a bunch wrong, but he threw two Mcnabb worm burn specials on passes to the flat, which brings back bad memories of that drive in the ARI playoff loss in '08. I heard tonight that the reason the Kid has some wobbles is that they changed his grip on the ball and he's battling through that trying to hold it the preferred way. That's always an iffy thing. Many HOF QB's have different grips on the ball. Who knows?

The encouraging thing about the QB's is that if Sam's production early this year is on par with his career, I think we can raise the level a bit with Daniel. I say raise the level of a struggling Bradford. i'm not expecting him to struggle, but don't expect him to be much more than average. Before today, I expected nothing of Daniel, but I think he'll keep us afloat if Sam struggles or gets hurt. It doesn't look like they have it set up as a competition so even if Daniel continues to shine, Sam's the guy. It may give Pedey less patience if things come to that down the road, but shouldn't factor in the early going. Sam as slightly below average or better will keep his job, at least until we're close to elimination. Not saying that Daniel would definitely out perform him, but it would be nice in this go for broke season if we had a QB competition. But whip meet horse, horse meet whip.

The weather was surprisingly clear.
Good report. One thing that stuck out though.. The sleeves. I would be ecstatic if he got rid of those goofy looking things. They look so bad on him and make me not wanna watch him. Who knows, maybe No-Sleeve-Sammy is our long awaited messiah laugh.gif bowdown.gif
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